Make money by doing review videos

1. Find a product you want to promote:

This method works well with anything from physical products on Amazon to info-products on Clickbank. There really is no limit except your own imagination. The main thing to remember here is that you want to promote something that is selling.

2. Keyword Research:

This is the easiest KW research you will ever do. You will want to target buyer phrases i.e. product name keywords. Once you’ve selected a product, check the search volume in the Google Adwords Keyword Tool for the keyword examples below:


product name
product name + Review
buy + product name
product name + scam(this one is usually best used if targeting info-products)
product name + discount

I recommend going after keywords with at least 300 Exact Local Monthly Searches. However, if the KW is qualified enough i.e. the competition is low enough, you can go lower. The lowest I have gone is around 150 Exact Local Monthly Searches.

3. Competition Check:

Search your KW in Google. You will then want to check for:
Existing YoutTube videos ranking – If there are 3 or more videos already ranking, you should try another KW or another variation of the KW you originally selected.
20,000 views or less for the existing videos
200 or less backlinks – Use your favorite KW tool like Traffic Travis or similar and do an SEO competition check on your chosen KW. The lower the amount of backlinks that the existing videos have, the better. I have found that if the videos ranking have around 200 or less backlinks, they are pretty easy to knock out.
Analyze the videos that are ranking – What kind of videos are they? How well are they optimized for the KW? Are there negative comments and/or a lot of dislikes?(Since you will be targeting product name type keywords, you will find a lot of the time, the videos that are ranking already are those crappy 30-sec Animoto style videos or something similar. This is a good sign)

4. Create your video: This is not hard at all. There are literally tons of ways to make videos, but since this method targets product name keywords, the best type of video is a review style video.

Note: If you actually own what you are reviewing, you can make some great videos, and the conversions will be higher on average. If not, you can just collect images of the product you are reviewing and use those.

Do some quick research on your targeted product and write a simple review around 500-1000 words long(you will use this article later).
Make a quick slide show using the images of the product that you gathered and the review article you wrote. I’m not going to write a tutorial on how to make a slideshow video. You can use Windows Movie Maker, Camtasia, etc. Any screen capture software is fine, and all you really have to do is read your review article while your slides are playing. If you need help, look through YouTube for tutorials.
The key is take the time to make a good review. Remember the 30-sec Animoto style videos I mentioned? You will find a lot of these ranking, so if you take the time to make a good, sincere sounding review, you will knock those videos down easily.
Focus on the benefits and, more importantly, how it will help your viewer.
Let your personality come out as you create your video. This makes it sound more sincere and gains you trust with the viewer.
Add some negative things about your product into your review. Again, this will increase trust with your viewer.

5. Upload your video to YouTube:

Make sure to practice good standard on-page SEO(KW in the Title, description, tags, etc.)
Swipe the tags from the videos that are already ranking for your KW and use them in your tags.
Use LSI KWs(related KWs) in your title, description, and tags.
Include your link to your product in the beginning of the video description in http:// format. This makes the link clickable.

6. Backlink your video:

You can instantly get some good backlinks by simply recycling the review article you have already written. Just remember the same principles of using good on-page SEO apply here as well.

Easy backlinks directly to your video:
Submit the review article to the top article directories.
Take the slides used for your slideshow and upload those to popular document sharing sites.
Create an MP3 file from the audio of your original slideshow review and use it to create podcasts and submit those to podcast sites. You can also submit it to MP3 sharing sites as well.
Make a PDF from your original review and submit it to document sharing sites.
Submit your original review article to popular web 2.0 sites.
Bookmark your video to the top bookmarking sites.
Use animoto to create a simple video and blast those videos to a bunch of video sites except You Tube. Use something like Pixel Pipe to do this.

Easy backlinks to juice the backlinks pointing to your video:
Create a spun version of your original review article and blast it out to article directories. You can use something like article marketing robot for this.
Use the spun version to blast out to lots of web 2.0 sites. Just be sure you don’t post to the same sites twice i.e. if you posted your original review article to, then don’t use them again.
Do a Scrapebox blast.
Do a social bookmarking blast.

7. Closing notes and tips:

I have found that most of the time, just using the review article to generate backlinks as I described above is enough to get my video ranking. If that doesn’t work, I will use the “juicing” backlinking method I described above.

It goes without saying that the more videos you get ranking, the more money you stand to make. The beauty is that videos can me made very quickly and rank very fast.

Some videos will make more than others. You just need to take the time to track your method and progress so that you know what to tweak.

The beauty of this method is that you can rank extremely fast and start seeing sales almost immediately. However, I will not guaranteeing anything to anyone because it all depends on you. With that said, I use this method a lot and have seen some extremely great results.

Once you have gotten this method down to a system, you can outsource it. I actually taught this method to a few friends that wanted a way to generate some fast cash. Now they do pretty much all the manual work part of it for me.

I cannot guarantee how much anyone will make, but there is no reason that anyone can’t make at least $100/day fairly quickly and easily with this method. Once you get the hang of it, you can generate more videos more quickly and have a whole army of videos out there literally making you a small fortune.

This is a numbers game. My lowest earning video currently makes me just above $100 per month. This isn’t very much on it’s own, but this video took me about 1.5 hours from start to finish. I also currently have more than 30 videos out there making me auto-pilot income every single day.

So go out there and start getting your videos ranked and working for you.

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