Make Money $100.00/Month with PTC sites

Just 4 Steps to Earn money Online

  1. Register to Paypal or Alertpay use Premier in Paypal and Personal Pro in  Alertpay
  2. Register/Log In PTC Website (Paid To Click)
  3. Click the ads
  4. Log out

While you are playing games or surfing internet you can earn money.
Always to this everyday Log In, Click the ads, Log Out.

Legit PTC Sites

PTC Sites With Free Premium Member Limited Only

Investment Program

Join Just Been Paid
with free $10.00.and you can invest that and after 75 days you free $10.00 will be $20.40 or in one year $961.20 doing nothing what if you invest..2% per day or 60% per month


You simply invite 5 friends to join for free-forever and they do the same 5 generations:
1st. Generation 5 x $1.00 = $5.00
2nd. Generation 25 x $1.00 = $25.00
3rd. Generation 125 x $1.00 = $125.00
4th. Generation 625 x $1.00 = $625.00
5th. Generation 3125 x $1.00 = $3,125.00
Your Passive Income could be = $3,905.00 every month for doing NOTHING different than what you are currently doing every day.



Below is an example of your potential earnings based on averages:

If you are an active clicker.. (without referral)
You’ve registered to 1 PTC site with 8 ads/day.
$.01/click x 8 ads/day = $0.08/day
$0.08/day x 7 days = $0.56/week
$0.08/day x 30 days = $2.40/month. ( bit low! )

You’ve registered to 30 PTC site with 15 ads/day.
$.01/click x 8 ads/day x 30 PTC sites= $2.40/day
$2.40/day x 7 days/day = $16.80/week
$2.40/day x 30 days = $72.00 ( not bad! ) if you are an active clicker.

(with 10 referrals) earn from referral click is 50%
You’ve registered to 1 PTC site with 8 ads/day and has a 10 referrals
$0.01/click x 8 ads/day x 10 referrals + you = $0.48/day
$0.48/day x 7 days = $3.36 / week
$0.48/day x 30 days = $14.40/month. ( not bad! )

You’ve registered to 30 PTC site with 8 ads/day and has a 10 referrals
$0.01/click x 8 ads/day x 10 referrals + you x 30 PTC sites = 14.40/day
$14.40/day x 7 days = $100.8/week
$14.40/day x 30 days = $432/month!!! ( this is good! )

So go ahead and earn the easy money!

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