Make money with

Hey! You’re probably scanning this guide as you are thinking about registering with or you signed up already but do not quite know here to start out. Hopefully I’ll be in a position to offer you some
some ideas on what exactly you could use to create a great deal of money.
You can find two main methods to make money with bee4. biz:

1) You can spread the word about and obtain 10% of whatever
your referrers earn for life. To do this all you have to is to register if you have not done so already and share your individual referral link
with anybody who may be thinking about making money online.
You can find your referral link in your control panel also it should
look something like this:
This technique is very good because you can begin earning money on auto
pilot without putting much effort involved with it. For example in the event that you get
15 visitors to subscribe plus they earn $50 weekly, you will be paid
10% of whatever they earn in order that computes at $75 going your
way every week without you doing any work. Some individuals earn
over $1000 everyday. Imagine if among your referrers starts
earning anywhere near this much. You are getting $100/day from just one single person.

2) The next way to make money is really a bit more tricky nonetheless it pays
the most money too. I’d like to just quickly show you how
bee4. biz works. Bee4. biz lets you lock links with surveys.
For example you can lock a link to a cool YouTube video. To accomplish which you have to copy a YouTube link like so:, click on “Create a short link”
from your control panel, click “Add new link”, opt for category
(In this case video), paste the YouTube link in to the field and click
send button. You will be given a protected link which should look
something like this: Once you send people
to that link they’ll be required to complete a survey.
After they complete a survey they’ll be redirected to your YouTube link and you will be paid around $3.
Now, this is actually the tricky part. How exactly do you start earning money?
What do you do with that link? Where do you send it? I am going to show you several simple methods to get you started.
To begin with you need to think about something interesting people want and would be ready to spend a few momemts of their time to perform a
survey for. These could be things you have made your self like music or
wallpapers or it could be links to existing things such as videos or down load files.
Let’s say you have made a remix or perhaps a cool song or you found some
royalty free songs someplace else. You can upload the song to Rapidshare and protecthe Rapidshare connect to that song. After that you can create a music
video for YouTube with some simple backgrounds using windows
movie maker or your favourite video editing software. Upload your
music video to YouTube and in description write something along the lines of: DOWN LOAD THIS SONG HERE -YOUR BEE4. BIZ LINKYou
will need several videos before you will start earning good money.
If you don’t see results instantly, don’t give up. Try different songs
or videos. See what works and what does not. You can try watermarking
your videos or adding annotations. Do not stop at music. Think about other
things you can promote on YouTube.
Do what others are doing. Simple search for our lower paying
competitors and see where people posted their links. For example you
can continue Google and search for “” with quotation marks.
This is a link:
Can you see all the forums and blogs others posted their links
to? If others are doing it means it works. Spy on your competition and follow them around for a bit. What exactly are they promoting? Are they
linking to ebooks, ringtones, games, videos, wallpapers? Note where
they post their links. Now add your own twist and do exactly the same. Ensure it is even better. You’ll soon start earning more cash then them!

Make money with


In the event that you haven’t yet, sign up to Adf. ly at – Click “Join Now” and select “Link Shrinker” under Account Type


In the event that you haven’t yet subscribe a YouTube, subscribe here:


Go to and to check out their latest music news. Very
usually or even daily, a fresh song or mix tape is released from some very famous artists. Artists like Lady
Gaga, Eminem, 50 Cents, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Katy Perry and Britney Spears. The more famous the
artist the more money you make out of this method.
Get as much new song names from both of these sites that you can, you might try Google’s News search
and search broad terms like, “new music” or “new song” – and pick up completely new song releases that much too. Every little helps.
Now you ought to have a good set of recently released hot of the press tracks to profit from.
REMEMBER: The main element to the method is speed, persistence and consistency. That’s all.


Running through the set of songs you’ve got now, head to YouTube and search to see if any of them
have now been uploaded, quite often the songs could have been but you’ll observe that they might have uploaded quite recently providing you the time to duplicate their video (download – use KeepVid)
and re-upload the song on your YouTube account. Trust me; you don’t have to be the first to rank no1
on YouTube search for any such thing… You merely have to be the very best. I shall explain further. But first down load the videos, and if you’ve got a brilliant fast PC, remember that time is of the essence, reproduce the video,
with the addition of instructions right at the beginning and end of the video telling viewers that we now have goodies found in the description that they usually do not desire to miss out on, you certainly can do this in Movie
Maker really easily… This trick works effectively and really explodes your investment returns. Trust me on this one.
I would suggest you reproduce as i just suggested but in the event that you can’t or your pc moves at a turtle pace then
leave off the suggestion, why?, you don’t desire to avoid your possibility to be in early. Not necessarily first, but early! If God was to shine favour you, you might even find you’re indeed first to the party and you also get VIP treatment from YouTube.


Now your videos are up, you’ll find that they probably don’t arrive for a while. Never to worry, this is common – there was often a gap between a video being uploaded also it hitting the YouTube search pages.
But despite knowing this, you mustn’t rest on your laurels!
Actually besides being early to the party, this is actually the most significant bit.
If you’re going to create a killing with this method, your video must rank high enough on the most
popular search term for the song! I’d like to help you with that.
Step one to achieving popularity for the video is titling your video acutely similar or even exactly
exactly like typically the most popular search term, and by title After all the specific title of your YouTube video!
Not some title you increase your movie file when publishing it in Movie Maker. Ok, so let’s say you
uploaded a Lil Wayne track titled – “That’s what they call me”. Fittingly you should title your video – “Lil
Wayne – That’s what they call me [2011 NEW SONG]” or something along those lines! Typically the most popular key phrase is roofed – “Lil wayne that’s what they call me”, and the “[2011 NEW SONG]” bit makes
your video stand out from the others that may employ your strategy too. Everything you match those
braces could spell dessert or disaster so choose appropriately.
Ok last one, and pop several relevant tags within… don’t think they hold much weight though as i see
videos rank top even without the tags nevertheless, you never note that happen without an appropriate title. So
pick your priorities right.


The next phase to making certain your video spearheads right to the most effective of YouTube search, or close
enough to bank hard on adf. ly, is obviously really simple.
Using the tricks I am teaching on YouTube I have had videos hit from 60, 000 views to over
2, 000, 000 views! And you can imagine, my take home was something special!
All you’ve surely got to do is ‘Like’ your video a few times… and you’re done.
Just kidding, liking wouldn’t hurt, but I seriously doubt it could affect rankings too much, since it could be gamed almost too easily. Everything you should do is get traffic to your video.
Post a link to your video on music forums like Digital Spy and Buzz Jack
Now I understand what you’re thinking… “The whole point of 1 / 2 of these steps was to obtain traffic through
YouTube, but now I have to get traffic to YouTube first? ” I understand it sounds absurd but it’s true also it makes plenty of sense. YouTube ranks your video based on its popularity and relevance which is really
all that you must focus on. You’ve got the relevance, now you will need the popularity. Now i’d like to further
explain how YouTube reads this. In case a video is uploaded and in its first few minutes it gets a frequent stream of views, it doesn’t have to be an avalanche, it really is considered popular and indeed very healthier.
Which is what we are seeking. Actually getting an avalanche that can’t be sustained beyond several minutes or hours will hinder your chances against other videos that have had a frequent growth at a steady natural rate.
Somehow I understand that made plenty of sense. So now for the final part, don’t worry I didn’t


So now YouTube has officially been dominated and the views start rolling in.
How do we go about creating a bucket load on adfly?
But first remember when I said you should reproduce the video in software like Movie Maker, or
another one of your choice for that matter. That could have been a good move. Just sayin’
But in the event that you didn’t you can always add annotations to your videos, using YouTube’s built in annotations
engine and you also could get the work done that way, your choice, it’s more time efficient and editable
because you don’t have to do it before the video is uploaded, taking on several valuable minutes and you also can always edit it later. However I do like doing it on video as that usually makes people trust it more since it almost acts as a verification that it’s your video rather than someone else’s and if done neatly enough it could push viewers to thinking it had been area of the song. Imagine what that may do to your earnings.
Now back to Step 7.
You need the hyperlink to focus on something directly linked to your artist. It is advisable to pick something
everyone else who comes across the video would like to see for themselves. It could be a shocking news
story, here’s one off the most effective of my head, in the case of Chris Brown, he always appears to accompany
song releases with controversial moments that are captured by video and that pays dividends. Connect to the news article! Maybe connect to a YouTube linked to the news article.
You can just search YouTube for a video attractive plenty of attention that relates to your artist and link
to that. Needless to say all links is going to be masked with adfly.
Now be cautious about any of it. Link relevant and don’t try to defraud adfly since they have a life-threatening way
of finding stuff out. Fortunately I didn’t learn that from personal experience.
NOTE: When linking, do not utilize the default adfly URL, be different and less recognizable, use among their other redirect options like u. bb or 9. bb – ESSENTIAL That is the beauty of Adfly. It is possible to make money ethically! Benefit from it.
In the event that you haven’t yet, sign up to Adf. ly

Make Money Online With Vagex

  1. Sign up, on Vagex.
  2. Install the program and Add your member number to the program.
  3. Run the program. now the program will view videos minimized and earn you money!
  4. Each time the program views a video, you get credits, credits can be exchanged for youtube views on your video, or cashed in for real cash!

Tricks to maximize earnings:

  • Set vagex to start with windows, save a youtube account to log in with, and set it to auto-like, subscribe, favorite and comment.
  • Install Both the firefox viewer and vagex viewer, and run them both at the same time (it’s allowed)
  • Leave your computer online over night.
    Want the sounds from youtube removed? No problem, click on your speakers icon, choose mixer, and mute vagex!
  • If you got low exchange rate from credits to cash, don’t worry it will increase 10% each time you get a new star from their loyalty program, and you will get a new star when you have viewed 10k videos.

Make $2000+ a month every month

This method is by no means new, however, it is a working method, almost forgotten. I continue to use this method because it works. This is a Very straight forward write up and very short.

Hostgator affiliate

Yes, I use just hostgator as my ONLY current revenue source. Why? Because it works. Its quite easy to determine what its about. But I will say it anyway. Become a hostgator affiliate by searching hostgator affiliate in Google. Then once you have setup your account properly (payout information, taxes etc.), create a coupon for $9.94 off. Make the coupon name sound great like “gatormydiscount” or something like that.

The Tools

Yes, I only use two tools, very cheap. I use Linklicious for all of my links (cheap cost per month if you have a lot of links) and I use Sick Submitter (much cheaper than SenukeX and Xrumer, and better results than fiverr). I ONLY use free packets from the support forum, and I have extremely great results.

The method in a nutshell

Using ezinearticles(or GoArticles, BaseArticles), I search for different articles for hosting and web design, and the like. I take those and create one single blog (for free) and rewrite 15 articles. Nothing really fancy, just rewrite for good difference, and then spin them myself. I wont write any more articles after this. I create a copy of them all for the spin copy, and the original copy I wrote.

In the spin copies I look at how I can spin at least 3 words per sentence. Spinning is easy. Its pretty much taking a word or phrase and spinning it like this: the word easy… {easy|simple|simplistic} I just created “Spintax” for a word and the software will automatically choose a random word from the 3. Thus spun articles.
I then go back to my blog, and post all 15 of the originals. Each of the articles should have the “discount” you created in Hostgator above.
Now comes time for sick submitter. I schedule two sets of sick submitter campaigns per day, and then ping the results, and then send the links to linklicious.
Sick submitter is very flexible (blog commenting, forum profiles, directories, bookmarks, and web 2.0 properties).
I started this method a year ago, and it took 1 and 1/2 months to pay off, but my first real payoff from hostgator was $2,590.
I know everyone is always busy on the next scheme, but this method is solid, and even if you do it on the side, you will create continuous monthly income.

Make money using craiglist and car insurance

Here you have a cool white hat method:

Step 1:

Create an affiliate account.
Here are some affiliate networks you can use:

Step 2:

Search for one of those car insurance quote offers, they range from $5 to $20 when ever someone fills it out!

Step 3:

Make a Craigslist account, go on the buy cars section and just copy all the emails you see listed on people’s postings.

Step 4:

Grab all the emails you have gathered and shoot them an email saying “is your car a clean title?”. At this point you are asking them a legit question, you seem interested and in this step you earn the person’s trust that you are a real person interested in the car. If you want, you can extend the conversation into asking more questions as the seller respond, earning more of his trust!

Step 5:

When they respond back saying “Yes it is a clean title” (which what 80% will respond with is “yes it is”) Now you send them the money message which is : “Great, I am really interested in your car but the only thing I’m afraid of is if the auto insurance will be high… I am at the dentist office and I can only access wifi internet here. Can you do me a small favor please? Please get me a quick quote from this [Your affiliate Link] I would highly appreciate it.”

The [Your affiliate Link] will be your affiliate link towards the car insurance quote. Like is said above, the offers range from $5 to $20, so I would play around with all offers and see what works best. If you have messaged all the car postings in your city, then move to the next city and so on. Also you can change the message up and be creative with it. You can apply this method to other genres other than cars. Think about it and be creative in your own way.

Make Money $100.00/Month with PTC sites

Just 4 Steps to Earn money Online

  1. Register to Paypal or Alertpay use Premier in Paypal and Personal Pro in  Alertpay
  2. Register/Log In PTC Website (Paid To Click)
  3. Click the ads
  4. Log out

While you are playing games or surfing internet you can earn money.
Always to this everyday Log In, Click the ads, Log Out.

Legit PTC Sites

PTC Sites With Free Premium Member Limited Only

Investment Program

Join Just Been Paid
with free $10.00.and you can invest that and after 75 days you free $10.00 will be $20.40 or in one year $961.20 doing nothing what if you invest..2% per day or 60% per month


You simply invite 5 friends to join for free-forever and they do the same 5 generations:
1st. Generation 5 x $1.00 = $5.00
2nd. Generation 25 x $1.00 = $25.00
3rd. Generation 125 x $1.00 = $125.00
4th. Generation 625 x $1.00 = $625.00
5th. Generation 3125 x $1.00 = $3,125.00
Your Passive Income could be = $3,905.00 every month for doing NOTHING different than what you are currently doing every day.



Below is an example of your potential earnings based on averages:

If you are an active clicker.. (without referral)
You’ve registered to 1 PTC site with 8 ads/day.
$.01/click x 8 ads/day = $0.08/day
$0.08/day x 7 days = $0.56/week
$0.08/day x 30 days = $2.40/month. ( bit low! )

You’ve registered to 30 PTC site with 15 ads/day.
$.01/click x 8 ads/day x 30 PTC sites= $2.40/day
$2.40/day x 7 days/day = $16.80/week
$2.40/day x 30 days = $72.00 ( not bad! ) if you are an active clicker.

(with 10 referrals) earn from referral click is 50%
You’ve registered to 1 PTC site with 8 ads/day and has a 10 referrals
$0.01/click x 8 ads/day x 10 referrals + you = $0.48/day
$0.48/day x 7 days = $3.36 / week
$0.48/day x 30 days = $14.40/month. ( not bad! )

You’ve registered to 30 PTC site with 8 ads/day and has a 10 referrals
$0.01/click x 8 ads/day x 10 referrals + you x 30 PTC sites = 14.40/day
$14.40/day x 7 days = $100.8/week
$14.40/day x 30 days = $432/month!!! ( this is good! )

So go ahead and earn the easy money!

Make money with youtube and new released songs

You will need these tools:

  • Windows Live Movie Maker or any other video editing tool
  • Gmail Account
  • YouTube Account & Channel
  • FileSonic account

You will be making money with ShareCash. But it is possible to do this also with CPA. Some people somehow can’t get accepted, so i will keep it simple.

Steps to get an gmail account:

  • go to
  • click the “Create an account” button
  • fill out the form, and remember your email address and password

Save your details (email and password) into a document so you don’t forget them.

Creating a YouTube account:

  • go to and click “Sign In” at the top right hand corner.
  • Sign in YouTube with your gmail details
  • Click on your email in the top right hand corner of the page
  • Click “My Channel”
  • Create a channel name. The name should be music related.

Now create two or so more gmail accounts along with YouTube channels as you always risk getting banned when uploading music, so we want to spread out the videos between accounts so if one account gets banned, all our videos don’t disappear. We can always make more later if three isn’t enough.

It’s time to find the songs. Go anywhere you’d like. You can search google for songs coming out soon.

Here you have some cool sites:

Now choose a song you like.

You see how many times it was downloaded. If it would have been downloaded 20k times from this site then imagine getting $2 per 1000 downloads. That’s not a lot of money considering the rates advertised these days, but honestly, it’s realistic. That’s $40 in just one day from one song. 40 x 30 = $1,200/month from one song. Now you’re not going to get this type of results since this is the source, but it’s encouraging to think about. You may get lucky with one video and have it go viral. If this is the case, you may see results like $1,200/month for one video.

Download the song you chose. You may need to sign up to download. Just use your gmail information. Be sure to save your username and password in your document.
Go to Sharecash and create an account with the gmail email you created before. Save your nickname and password in your document.

Upload the song you downloaded

Go to Google Images and type in the artist of your song. Download one of the pictures.

Go into windows movie maker or whatever you’re using (only extremely basic knowledge is needed).

  • insert the picture you just downloaded into the project
  • insert the song you downloaded
  • export it
  • upload it to YouTube on your first account
  • Get the link of the ShareCash song file to share
  • If you wwant to cloak the link then go to or another shortener and mask the link
  • Put the link in the description of your video. Say something like “Download Chris Brown’s Don’t Wake Me Up at (your link)

Do this about 5 times per your account/channel and enjoy the cash flow. But remember. The more videos you make the higher posibility of geting a viral video you have. And also more videos more cash.

Make money by password locking interresting files.

Step 1:
Research a good niche and topic which people will desperate to read/download.
A good niche is “How to…”, “Loosing something” and so on.
Be creative!

Step 2:
Create a wordpress/blogger blogs.

Step 3:
Outsource or write the informative targeted blogpost around the niche/prdouct download.
The title headline should create hype and curiosity.

Step 4:
Post in your blog and password protect it.
You can also use a content locker if you wish.
Or you can use even ShareCash.

Step 5:
In the beginning of the post write instruction to get password with “Get Password” link.

Step 6:
The link will be to a Geo targeting php ad file. Some content lockers do it by itself.
Based on the location of the visitor, your pre-chosen email submit offers will pop up.
Always contact your Affiliate Manager and find out which offers are converting well and choose those.

Step 7:
The user will click on it will see list of 4-5 offers to fullfill to get the password.

Make easy money online!

Make money solving captchas

Well this will not bring you fortune. But maybe you want some startup cash for better methods. So you can try it.

There are many captcha solving sites, you can try this one for instance: <a href=””></a>.

Register there and you can earn your money right away.

Minimum cashout is $3.

They are paying every monday.


So go ahead and earn yout first money.

Make money by providing passwords to adult sites

There is a lot of Adult Sites out there, which needs a user/pass to enter it.
Those passwords can be found on different adult forums in the “Password section” and most of them are no ShareCash, etc downloadable so it’s pretty easy to get those txt passwords files.

Now for all those who know what Multi Poster is skip to read this part.
Multi Poster is a software where u enter your login credentials and the specific forum id to post on the forum u created an account on. Read more here:

It´s a very fast application from where u can submit/post your new thread to hundreds of forums in 1-2 minutes only.

So what i did was following, i went to a forum where they post daily adult passwords, downloaded all those txt files with passes. Uploaded to mediafire, and then used a file gateway content locker from my CPA Network (Adscendmedia.) Then registered to the other Adult Forum sites where they have a section called “XXX Passwords” – Around 60-80 forums out there, might even be more. I will upload a txt file with Adult forums you can check by yourself if it has an xxx pass section.

Ok so basically following steps is to be taken to make some easy cash.

  1. Find a decent good quality forum where they post daily xxx passwords.
  2. Download those txt files to your computer.
  3. Reupload and add them as a file gateway or <a href=””>sharecash, etc.
  4. Repost to the OTHER forums you´re registered with and use the Multi Poster for making it a lot easier for you.

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